Who's Ampoule ?

Name and first name: Depaus, Gerald
Nick: Ampoule ... why ? ... Ampullariidae ... Ampularia ... Ampoule.
Nationality: Belgian.
Date of birth: June 8, 1970
Civil status: Married, a marvelous daughter born end 1999.
Education: B. Sc. translation.
Profession: Translator, network admin, computer aided designer,  helpdesk, it varies :-)
Hobbies: Aquaria, computers (yep), movies and music (ranging from Strauss to Metallica), reading (anything I can grab).
Main qualities (yes, I've got some :-)) Nice guy (sometimes it tends to cease being a quality), open spirit, tolerant, creative, loyal.
Main defaults (If there are any :-)) If I am angry I "explode" (very rare but it happens); I never forgive friends; I smoke like a chimney; tendency to try to do things very fast (therefore mistakes occur - this site is filed wit zem, wat a translatorrr  :-))
Likes: Straightforwardness, new ideas,  Nature, good food, in general anything that can be considered as "beautiful", communication, constructive diplomacy. The friendship spirit. Taking time to take time. Complementarity. Metaphores.
Dislikes: Spicy dishes; "pupils" who repeat what they have learned without thinking about it and take the credit.  The incapacity to admit an error.  The incapacity to relax or "Let it out" from time to time.
Hates: Senseless actions, the words that end in "ism" (example: racialism), any dictate, the obligation to sleep 8 hours a night. The meaningless need to gather resources for the pleasure of gathering them. Jealousy. Mythomany.
Definite "NO": The "Hit and Run" policy, waste, the need of some people to hurt others or hear about their pain in order to feel better themselves, adults who have forgotten their child soul as well as 40 years old adults who are unable to grow up. The excess of information who finally proves to be a means to hide facts.
Favorite quote of the moment: "Only two things are infinite, the Universe and man's stupidity and I'm not sure about the Universe" (A. Einstein).
Favorite books of the moment: "Les Croix de Bois" by Roland Dorgeles / "Un Monde Meilleur" by Aldous Huxley / "The Seventh Scroll" by Wilbur Smith / "The Fortress of the Pearl" by Michael Moorcock / "The Guide Back to Nature of Tanganyika Cichlids" by Ad Konings / "Le Livre Secret des Fourmis" by Bernard Werber.
A little something about the Domain of Ampullariidae: First of all I felt like learning how to do a site, preferably on an uncommon topic and most of all useful. Freshwater snails in the aquarium ... why not; In the begining - besides melanoids - I mostly knew the famous Apple snails.  This explains the site name.  It could now be called "Aquasnail" or something like that as the species written about are out of the initial objective but well, why complicate things for the surfers who know me from the begining and have already had to bear 4 major changes...  Thus, this site namely enables me to learn (a vital need) and improve its contents, and it also meets a real need in the aquaria hobby.