The Desvres' Virtual Museum:



proposes you next a Virtual Museum of Desvres' French Faience.

The Museum includes many "rooms" for the different factories. They will receive and show you different fantasy pieces with the famous Vieux Rouen decor, 18th century productions and naturally a lot of tiles.

I decided to open the rooms dedicated to Fourmaintraux Hornoy, Fourmaintraux Freres, Fourmaintraux Courquin, Geo Martel and also tiles.The rooms are not complete and are already under construction. Please be patient

If you own a piece that doesn't match in the Virtual Museum, and if you want us to add this piece with the other ones, you can send me a picture file that shows your faience and its signature, or simply send me a picture with the references (number, signature, size)

Together, we can build a virtual catalog of different products and refere it to everybody, all over the world!!

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The virtual museum is also available on CD:

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